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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Social Decay

By Semperpapa

This could actually be the title of an almost daily post, so low has our society gone.

In Georgia yesterday, a mother was walking her 14-month old little boy in a stroller when, in broad daylight, she was approached by two young boys.
The older of the pair produced a gun and demanded that the young woman give him her money.
As the woman told him she did not have any, he shot at her grazing her face then shot into the ground. As the woman pleaded that she had no money, he shot her again in the leg and then went to the baby in the stroller and shot him in the head, killing him.

The police made quick work of this crime, arresting the two criminals. The shooter, a 17 year old, and his crime partner, a 14 year old.

The names are not the point of this, as such actors do not deserve any sort of publicity. The act is the sign of our time. According to the authorities, the 17-year old will be charged as an adult.

One must wonder what has gone wrong in our society when you have two young boys decide that the lives of innocent people are not worth a second thought.
Surely the energized gun-control nuts may use this tragedy too, claiming that if guns were banned, this crime would have not happened. Such is the foolishness of that idiotic crowd.
Truth is that these criminals, in the commission of their deed, already broke several laws even before the trigger was pulled the first time.
I am not sure about the Georgia law, but I am pretty sure that as a 17-year old, he was not legally supposed to have a firearm. Well, that did not stop him.
Robbery is also illegal (even if our great government does it all the time), and yet the illegality of the act was no deterrent for these two thugs.

And where was the police? As the cliche goes: "when seconds matter, the cops are just minutes away."

The only way that the mother could have had a chance to defend her own baby would have been if she herself was armed. That would have given her the possibility to maybe save an innocent life.

Just as in the situations in Virginia Tech, Aurora, Columbine, Newtown, the fact that the attacker was the only one with a weapon was the determining factor for the number of victims. In any of those horrible scenarios, it is impossible to tell what the outcome would have been if any of the victims would have had the ability to fight fire with fire.
Maybe the lives of one, two or ten innocent lives could have been saved. In their insanity driven push to destroy the Second Amendment, liberals claim that, for example, if an assault gun ban saves even one life, it would be worth it.
I agree with the statement from the opposite prospective: if the presence of a law abiding citizen with a firearm would have saved even one life by stopping the attack at an earlier stage, it would have been worth it. If the woman in Georgia would have pumped couple of rounds in the 17-year old chest and save the life of her little son, I will definitely applaud that outcome much more readily than having to bury a 14-month old little boy. But maybe that is just me.

It is too late for the little baby in Georgia, just as it is too late for the children in Newtown, or the movie-goers in Aurora, or the students of Columbine.
Sadly, it may be also too late for the next shooting victims, because as long as the American people relegate their right to self-defense into the hands of law enforcement authorities who, as well intended as they are, cannot be everywhere all the time, as long as the American people surrender their personal protection to some governmental entity, there will be another shooting.

The government, as it is today, promotes the social decay seen in Georgia. These types of criminal actions are used by politicians to advance a specific agenda. Be it the disarmament of law abiding citizens or the opposite, ultimately there are very few politicians, at any level or party, who will not use senseless tragedies like this one to self-promote.
In the meantime, we the people are the ones who pay the price.
Politicians want us as sheep, while they cater to the wolves and punish the sheepdogs.

Yes, I call it social decay.

Just my thoughts!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Who Is Responsible For Chris Dorner’s Rampage?

By Semperpapa

Rogue ex-cop Chris Dorner is still eluding authorities who are searching Southern California in the attempt to stop his murderous rampage.

The man is responsible for three murders already, a young couple last weekend in Irvine and a Riverside police officer. The unsettling aspect of this situation is that it is most likely scenario that this criminal will not go peacefully once the law catches up with him and the possibility he may succeed to take more innocent people with him.

Interestingly, Dorner left a lengthy 'manifesto' on the internet where he sort of vented some form of a motive for his decision to become a mass murderer.

The man is an obvious admirer of our current regime leader Barack Obama, not to mention Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, H. W. Bush and Piers Morgan.

I am therefore holding Obama responsible for the rampage and the murders that Dorner has committed and all the evil he will commit.
The delusional man, Dorner, shows the very symptoms of having completely absorbed the principles of divide and conquer that Obama has been preaching since the very first moment he entered political life.

Obama has built a political empire by dividing fellow Americans on the lines of race and wealth and success and gender. Obviously Dorner has decided that he has been forced to enter a personal war against those he decided were his enemies, the same way Obama has decided that all means are fair to win political power.

I also hold Piers Morgan responsible for inciting Dorner firearm rampage. The slimy limey redcoat has been attacking the Second Amendment of the Constitution in a visceral way, obviously inspiring Dorner that the American people do not have the right to self-defense. Dorner clearly stated Morgan's talking points in his manifesto.

By now, you may be thinking that I am not being fair to liberals, that the sole responsibility for Dorner's actions should be placed at the foot of Dorner, but in reality I am merely using the same approach that liberals have.
When Jared Loughner shot in the crowd in Tucson in January 2011, killing six and wounding many others including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the media went on a rampage against Sarah Palin, accusing her of inciting Loughner's rampage by using symbols and verbiage of targets while talking about some congressional districts republicans should be addressing for the next elections.

In 1995, then president Clinton blamed radio talk show Rush Limbaugh for inciting Timothy McVeigh to bomb the federal building in Oklahoma City, where 168 people lost their lives and injured 680 more people. The rationale there was that by just pointing out Clinton's obvious shortcomings as a president, a husband, a father and a man, Limbaugh gave McVeigh the reasoning behind the terrorist attack.

I do not remember, at the time of Oklahoma City or Tucson, anyone in the main stream media actually having the integrity to come out and call such idiotic accusations purely irrational, as a matter of fact the media was the one fueling the idiocy.
In the case of Dorner, the main stream media is purposely editing out the portions of his 'manifesto' where he praises Obama, Clinton or Piers Morgan. The usual tactic of hiding non pro-liberal details the MSM is so proficient at.

What would the media say if Dorner's 'manifesto' expressed hate for the government, or agreement with the NRA? Do you think it would be used and abused for purpose of destroying our Second Amendment?

That's right, me too.

Just my thoughts!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Obama: The Sinister, Perennial Campaigner

By Semperpapa

Obama flies to Las Vegas to promote his amnesty for illegal aliens. Honestly, wouldn't have been more sensible for the Liar-in-Chief to do his little song and dance from the White House and save the taxpayers of America few million dollars?

Then he flew to Minnesota to promote his anti-gun agenda. Not much more than another campaign dog and pony show.

But why is this man, the worst president our republic has ever had, perpetuating his campaigning, even though his political aspirations are done?
According to that pesky document called the United States Constitution, Obama is done with his aspirations for re-election, and yet he appears to be unaware of that fact and continues his campaigning and his malevolent falsity.
The question still remains: why?

Some folks have expressed the opinion that he is out to destroy the Republican Party, therefore he is hitting the campaign trail to boost the chances for Democrats to regain the House in 2014.
I would go along with this if not for two main caveats: 1) Obama does not do anything for anyone other than Obama; 2) he does not need to exert himself as the Republican Party is so loaded with spineless RINOs that his contribution would be an overkill.

It is my belief that the motivations behind Obama continuous campaigning are much more sinister than just political.
It s very apparent that after his re-election Obama has taken a tone and demeanor of arrogance so pronounced that it is very difficult for any real American to actually stand the sight of him more than few seconds. It is difficult as well to hear his patronizing, condescending tone of voice.

Based on any electoral logic, this man should have been run out of the White House last November, let alone being re-elected. The profound catastrophe his regime has been in the last four years should have spelled complete defeat for this two-bit dictator, and I am convince that the arrogance he is sporting these days is fueled by the fact that his victory last November must have come as a total surprise even to him.
As a typical megalomaniac, Obama must be of the belief that he has been anointed by some supernatural force to be the leader of our Nation.

This man cannot and will not recognize that the victory last November was more a rejection of Mitt Romney than the re-approval of his disastrous policies.
That, combined with the low level of rational and mental capacities of those who voted for him, has created a devastating situation for America, one we, and worst yet, our children and grandchildren will pay for for generations.

But, again, why is he still campaigning? Very simply, Obama believes he is not done with this. He has shown and stated a deep and ideological dislike for our founding document. For Obama, the US Constitution is nothing but an annoying obstacle to the realization of his agenda.
Just like any other wannabe dictator, Obama is not interested in governing for the sake of the people, but he is only interested in the maintenance of power for personal use.
Not long after his re-election, some lapdog liberal congressman even introduced a motion for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution, the one that established term limits for the office of the president.
Yes, my fellow patriots, Obama and his obamadroids are already scheming the subversion of the Constitution so that Obama can become president for life. Hence his perennial campaigning.

You will now say: oh that will never happen. The point is that Obama has and continues to circumvent the Constitution as he pleased, with very little fear of being confronted thanks to the progressive leaning of too many federal courts. Even as the courts declared his non-recess, recess appointments, his little leech Jay Carney attacked the court for daring to defy the One.

When Obama stated that he wanted to radically transform America, he was deadly serious and we are seeing the results and we will be treated to much more and much worst as time goes by.

He has already attacked our right to own and bear arms. He has created a divisive climate where any dissent against his policies is threatened and attacked, practically attacking our right to free speech.
The Constitution is, as I mentioned before, just an obstacle for this radical activist. He is willing to destroy our very own country for the pursuit of personal power. And many alleged Americans gave him that power.

Obama hates America and everything it stands for. And nothing he says or does can change that, as a matter of fact, everything he says and does is carefully designed to destroy everything our Nation was founded upon.
So that is why he continues to campaign. His goal is to bring the issue of his appointment for life to the presidency up for debate in the next four years, with a myriad of progressive little dictators in Congress backing him up and the promise that anyone rejecting his agenda is classified as a racist.
Many of what radio personality Rush Limbaugh described as "low information voters" will even support such travesty as long as they get to lounge on their couches and getting paid by the ever shrinking producing portion of the population.

There are some nefarious things going on in Washington these days and especially in the White House. And the Campaigner-in-Chief is pounding the pavement building our road to serfdom.

Just my thoughts!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Economic Recovery: A Sick Pipe Dream

By Semperpapa

Unemployment rate, up to 7.9%, is a bogus number anyway, concocted by the regime in Washington, because there are over 8.5 million Americans who have dropped off the radar as their unemployment insurance run off and still could not find adequate employment.
less than 170,000 new jobs were added by the economy in January, while about 160,000 more Americans dropped out of the work force.

Yes, the Obama economic recovery is a sick pipe dream.

The media lapdog of Obama can spin this as much as they want, but the truth remains that the economic recovery, so cheered by them as their boss Obama was selling snake oil to the small minded voters of America, is nothing but a meaningless game of words.

Let us not forget that every time we hear that a new commission, a new agency committee has been formed in Washington, there is a taxpayer incurred cost.

With that in mind, the travesty that the Job Council has been for the last two years, has been a costly ‘experiment’ conducted by a seemingly inept leader.

Today, Obama dismissed the Council, amid a real aura of failure and a dismal record of even having engaged with the members.

Truth is that the Council was nothing more than a campaign ploy for Obama.

He used the pointless commission to lure Obamadroids into believing that he was actually serious about focusing on creating the necessary conditions for an economic recovery. True economic recovery will never happen in our country as long as folks who want to find employment will not be able to.

President Obama cares less about creating new jobs in America than he cares about Israel. In his twisted, monarchical, statist (Mark Levin perfectly forged term) mind, Obama is happier with American people depending on the government.

It turned out that Obama, regardless of his obvious failure in any economic step taken in his first term, was able to masquerade his shortcoming enough for enough people to grant him re-election for a second term. And today, the suffering masses of Americans forced into poverty and dependence by Obama doings, are subjected to the arrogant demeanor the President has toward every person who dissents from him.

And Obamacare is not fully in act yet. Wait to see how expensive free healthcare is going to be.

Just my thoughts!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

“We Must Do Something”

By Semperpapa

Gabrielle Giffords made her appearance at a gun violence hearing last Wednesday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The former Arizona Representative opened up the hearing with the expected passionate plea for gun control.

I deeply sympathize with Ms. Giffords for the tragedy that affected her when she was wounded by a crazy gunman couple of years back, and I am happy that, considering the gravity of her wounds, she seems to be slowly recovering.

That said, I find it disturbing that the tragedy Ms Giffords was victim of would be used blatantly to attack the constitutional rights of millions of American citizens.

The culprit? A semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine?

Not in the least!

The culprit was a demented liberal, obsessing for the politician and protected by a politically correct environment that is more interested in keeping someone with very dubious background on the street.

The portion of the statement that caught my attention was this one:

“Too many children. We must do something. It will be hard, but the time is now. You must act. Be bold. Be courageous. Americans are counting on you. Thank you.”

More specifically the “We must do something” and that something is the infringement on the right of millions of Americans, law abiding Americans, to self defense?

Is the answer to all the evils of America, the ignoring of the Constitution?

I stated this before and will do so again: the moment that the government can 100% guarantee that never, ever any harm will ever come to any member of my family, I may consider some form of gun control. Until then, there is no compromising about the Second Amendment for this American.

The problem is that the moment the American people will place all the aspects of their safety in the hands of the government, than the enemy of the people will be the government.

Any time we tell the government that it must do something, the government is more than happy to oblige, because it increases its power.

When in the 1990s then President Clinton promised to put 100,000 new police officers on the streets of America, everyone cheered as they saw the government responding to the people’s request for “safety” on Main Street.

What we got, was federal funding for many municipalities to pay for all these new cops and also federal guidelines in the selection process.

Racial and gender quotas were secretly enforced according to unwritten federal guidelines placing in uniform, with a badge and a gun, folks who had no business being there. One of the results, years later, was the scandal of the Rampart Div. of the LAPD.

The solution to acts like Newtown or Aurora or Virginia Tech is not to infringe upon the inalienable rights of millions of law abiding citizens. The massacre of Ft. Hood is an example, because the tragedy, as appalling as it was, would have been a lot worst had it not been for the presence of an armed federal police woman, who, although shot twice, brought Hasan down with her weapon. A good guy with a gun!
In Newtown, if any of the adults in the school had been armed, maybe the murderer could have been interdicted sooner and save lives.
In Aurora, similarly, an armed patron in the theater could have saved lives.

I want to emphasize the word “could” in my above statements, because it is not a certainty that an armed good guy could be effective, but it is a certainty that the absence of armed citizens will always result in the attacker being effective.

So yes, something must be done, but attacking law abiding citizens’ rights is not it.

Just my thoughts!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Mind Of An Obamadroid

By Semperpapa

Very early this morning I came across a Facebook post that was asking for people to chime in on the question: Do you support President Obama agenda of banning semi-automatic firearms.

The majority of the respondents posted as follows:

"Hell no!"
"F___ No!"

And so on.
There were some who expressed a bit more than a monosyllabic answer and there were few who expressed their support for the anti Second Amendment crusade of the Squatter-in-Chief.

One of the few comments that caught my attention was one from an obvious Obamadroid. This alleged woman stated, and I am paraphrasing, that she was emphatically supportive of the ban.
OK, I thought, she has her right to feel that way, but than she had to add a qualifying statement that took the conversation to a whole new illogical level.
She said, again paraphrasing, that even if a criminal should break into your house, if you have a gun and keep it properly stored, you would not have the time to get it and use it, so it is better to leave the use of firearms to those properly trained.

I did not participate into the discussion, mostly because I was getting ready to go to work, but also because when an individual is so stupid to formulate such a thought, there is really nothing anyone of us can do to redeem such a moron.

She was obviously one of those mechanical, brainless Obamadroid, follower of her god in the White House and the demonstration of such ignorance and futility as a person, an American and an alleged member of the Homo Sapient species makes her a typical  "unreachable."

There are several 'wrongs' into her so called logic.
She would want each of us to give up our guns because, if we store them "properly", we would not be able to timely access them to do any good. Even if we want to grant the "properly" issue, there are many ways that a firearm can be stored safely and be readily accessible in just few seconds.
It is obvious that this person never had any contact with a firearm or anyone who had one, because her position would have been debunked immediately.

So according to this walking conglomerate of ignorant cells, if one does not have timely access to a firearm for personal protection, than all firearms should be banned. Can anyone explain the correlation here?
Maybe it is in the last sentence: leave the use of firearms to those properly trained.
My question would be, then, who are these persons?
The cops? Well, if you don't have even few seconds to grab your weapon, responding cops five minutes away are not going to do you any good.
The criminal? There she has it right. If you do not have a mean to defend yourself, the criminal will be the only one in the exchange to have "training" in the use of firearm, which does not sound as a viable positive solution of the encounter.

This is the mind of an Obamadroid: follow the sheepish mantra of their messianic leader in a demented religious fashion, voided of any logic and rationality.
It is part of the human nature that we are bound to protect our families and our own lives from any form of potential threat. I have always taken the protection of my wife and my kids very seriously and now that protection has extended to my children's spouses and my grandchildren. I will not, as long as my heart pumps blood in my veins, relent my dedication to such God-given right.

People like this woman really make me sad, more than anything else. In my life I have seen many folks who had been so programmed by people they had subjugated to that their existence was fully controlled by their dictators. That is not a life, but a mere existence. Definitely not for me.
And I sure feel sorry for thar woman's family, because it appears that her attitude is one of surrender and pleading for mercy. Best of luck with that and deeply hope she is never the target of an attack, because she has no hope of survival.

As for me, I rather fight than place my life and especially the lives of my loved ones in the hands of someone else that may or may not be there on time.
What infuriates me, though, is that while I recognize the freedom she has to be a victim, she is willing and ready to negate my freedom of not being one. And that I cannot forgive.

Just my thoughts!