Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Country Is Lost

By Semperpapa

It may actually be too late for America to return to a constitutional sanity, where the Bill of Rights is the law of the land.
While the degradation of our rights as American citizens has been going on for years and while the forces of left wing totalitarianism have been active underground for decades, the erosion of the principles that have kept our Nation strong has taken a life on its own in the person of the current president.

This is a picture taken of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man who made the short film bashing Islam and that the administration hold responsible for the sparking of the unrest in the Middle East.

What you are looking at is the death of free speech in America, compliments of a government that has gotten completely out of control, fostered by a president that is mostly absent from his duties, but seemingly ready to reject the constitutional rights of the citizens.

Nakoula was picked up by Sheriff deputies in the middle of the night and taken to a station to answer questions regarding some alleged probation violations. He was released 30 minutes later, obviously because there was nothing for the government to pin on him.

Every thinking person knows that the unrest in the Middle East is not because of an obscure video that has been around since June 2012, but that instead was sparked by the profound hatred the Arab world has against America. The mere fact that the beginning was slated for the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks and the coordination across multiple nations of that part of the world is a clear indication that the cause for the mayhem is the disastrous Obama foreign policy, or better yet, the total absence of a coherent handling of foreign affairs. The only fools who still believe that some insignificant video is the cause of the mayhem are Hillary Clinton and James Carney.

The big problem I see is that as an American citizen, Nakoula has all the rights afforded to him by the First Amendment of our Constitution to speak whatever he wants.
I deeply loath the hate messages that the Westboro Baptist Church brings to Military funerals and on a personal base I would love to see their actions being curtailed, and yet I have in the past and still today maintained that their speech, as disgusting and vile it may be, should not be silenced by a governmental entity. Once that threshold is passed, legal precedent is established and can be used to silence all citizens, a clear violation of our rights and a quick road to dictatorship.

Just as in the case of the WBC, the anti-Islam video, in a free society, is to be policed by the people. As the hate message of the WBC started to gain publicity, private citizens, like members of the American Legion and the Patriot Guard Riders, banded together to stand in front of the miscreants with flags, singing patriotic songs to shield the grieving families from the sight of hate.
Similarly, the people will silence this film by just not watching, and I am one of them.

What we do not need and do not want is a government that goes to the media (Youtube) and ask them to find some violation of the posting rules to shut the video down; and we do not need or want to see people being led out in handcuffs just because they expressed their ideas and embarrassed the political leadership.
These, my friends, are clear signs of a dictatorial government.

The Obama administration is clearly lawless. It searched, found and made public the identity and location of Nakoula, with total disregard for the potential arm that could come to him from the Islamo-fascists that reside in our country. It also created a potential dangerous situation for all the residents who live around the man's house. I can tell you that if some member of the religion of peace would blow himself up at the location trying to "punish" Nakoula and hurt a member of my family, I would not be a happy camper.

But in the mind of the campaigner Obama, each one of us is just a tool for his maintenance of power. We the little people, the unwashed masses, the hard working morons, are nothing more than expendable non entities, necessary insignificant casualties on the road to Obama magnificence.

Our country is lost! It pains me to no end to admit it. It is lost because even as the disastrous policies of Obama have taken the Nation to the edge of the abyss on every aspect of our lives, still there are people across the country who believe that the man deserve four more years.
May it be because they stand ideologically in goose step with the Fascist views of Obama, which is bad enough, or because his policies get them free stuff, which is a lot worst.

Well, we have one last chance in November. Is everything going to right itself up with a Romney's victory? Of course not. I am not that naive. But I know for sure that the current situation in our country can get much, much worst (yes, that is still possible that it could get worst!) if Obama is re-elected.

Just my thoughts!

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